Saturday, February 15, 2014

One Hell of Weekend in Three Scales.

This weekend is turning out to be significant. For one, leaks of the new Games Workshop Imperial Knights were dispersed across the internet. The pictures are a bit blurry but they're pretty amazing. After having just assembled a second Riptide, the thought of an Imperial big model just gets me excited. I'll never find room for something like that in my apartment, but man I would love to paint that thing for someone!

You may have missed the new Corvus Belli models that were previewed, now these I'll certainly have room for - Geckos. These are light TAGs for the Nomad faction, but hell, I'm getting them no matter what. Too cool to pass up.

Corvus Belli has started to design digitally and the results are just amazing. Hard to get the scale of these guys, but those are terminator sized bases. Pretty sweet!

I always like looking at concept art so I've included this for you guys too. 

Then at the 15mm scale we have MechaFront's first medium mecha release -  the NorAm Lynx. This guy is either bigger or as big as a 40k Dreadnought. I love the stompiness and the modernity of the model. It's not Ipod-ish like the Gecko's but a solid piece of the near-future. 
 I've pre-ordered one of these so I'll be painting one to show you at some point.

All in all, an exciting weekend for internet eye-candy!

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Nat X said...

Yeah, Corvus Belli is really stepping up their game. I love the new Morat set.