Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mercenary Anaconda TAG from Infinity

Yet another commission to showcase and this time from a range of models that I really adore - Infinity TAGs. This guy was painted first by an airbrush - in this case I used Vallejo Air colors. I started with Cam. Light Green, then shaded down with Tank Green. I made the shading even deeper by adding Valejo Model Color Black Red to the Tank Green; a trick stolen from Angel Giraldez. Then I used an airbrush to highlight some more with a mixture of Cam Light Green, GW Scorpion Green and Vallejo Model Color Ivory. 

After that I broke out the brush and went to work on the gray metal parts. This was a done with a basecoat of Adeptus Battlegrey (old Foundation paint). I washed it with Badab Black, then worked up by adding Vallejo Deck Tan to the basecoat color. Final dot highlights with white. Then I shaded some more by adding GW Dark Flesh to the basecoat. There is quite a bit of back and forth with blending. Shading then highlighting, and shading again. All with thin layers of paint. I still have a long way to go in developing the skill.

I want to add some battle damage to this guy but I am nervous about screwing up the airbrush work, which is basically unfixable at this stage.

The freehand is alright, and I really like the angry badge.


G Red said...

What kind of TAG brings a sword to an automatic weapon's fight?

Very nice work. I like the lighter greeen better than the 'official' color scheme.

Now, the pilot?

You might look into making a lightbox of some sort. There are all sorts of DIY plans out there. Show off the excellence a bit better :)

Tim said...

Thanks, Red!

Corvus Belli is getting more and more into making CC models when the game has very little CC in most games - that said, when I play, it's a personal goal of mine to get some CC action going. A lot of times it actually works.

The official color scheme was a huge inspiration for this guy, but I didn't have the same paints that Angel used so I came up with my own. I love green. So versatile.

The light box, yes. I've looked at making one but I really don't have the space to store it. I've thought about doing just a modified box with gray background that I can store easily.

I generally just use my phone camera for convenience and the quality isn't that bad...but I wanna get a Cool Mini account and take better pics. Some day.

John Stiening said...

I see all that beautiful shading you have done and I can't wait to see battle damage go over the top of it. It is the scariest last step!

Tim said...

I'm not quite sure how to approach it at this stage. A dark green could work for dents, with the light green underneath to give it depth. But rust? Not sure.

I do have some secret weapon pigments I could use around the feet.

I'd be scared to use the sponge-effect. What do you think I should do?

Your weathering is probably the best I know.

Cobalt Cannon said...

Awesome Tim! Just awesome!

You have really been getting those Giraldez highlight and shade techniques down. I love how you are adding color to the neutral tones to show light from the surrounding environment & Light reflecting off of some of the TAG's surfaces.

Just say NO to battle damage and especially rust. My reasoning for this:

1: These machines will be built with rust proof alloys. Rust isn't going to happen on ceramics, Aluminum alloys, and advanced composites.

2: The level of maintenance on these machines in that far future will be automated most likely by robotic mechanics that repair it to pristine condition after each engagement and give it regular service for optimal performance in all weather combat conditions.

However you could use weathering powers for dirt and carbon residue from nearby fires and explosions. That'd look good too.

Take care Tim.

Yoshinto Yazamoto said...

Looks bloody awesome Tim. I like your more flat tone on green than the studio scheme. I have not checked my account lately and you have been busy it seems ;) Cannot wait to see what you do for the pilot as she is my favourite female fig in the range(for the moment). Have a go with the damage on the body as I'm sure you can pull it of mate. My technique is to just use a dark brown colour and using a thin brush just paint on small chips on the edges and flick small lines to give the appearance of scratches. The using a light grey I would paint very thin lines under the dark line to make them look deep and pronounced. You can use pigments too as a way to dirty up your tag. I'm like you and find the T.A.G models the most exciting miniatures in the range :) Just a pity I don't really use them that much in game. Good luck with it :)

John Stiening said...

Chipping and dirt streaks. It might not work well with the story of these machines, but it will provide realism for the model. You could also go with rain effects. Basically using oil paints to streak the edges. AK makes a rain streaks oil paint for nato colored tanks. I think it would work really well on the model.

Tim said...

John, those are great tips. I'm going to have to hit your up when I get started on the Imperial Knight Titan I just picked up - I've also got a TAG (Scarface) to do for myself that I wanna try some weathering with. No rust or rain streaks though, just dents and paint chipping.

This particular model went to the client last night - the client and I decided against weathering it, because he felt it was great as is. Nice to hear. The pilot was finished and out the door before i got a chance to photograph it. I need a light box!

Oh, a second riptide is coming - this client is wholeheartedly against weathering though...

Chuckles said...

Your Anaconda don't want none unless she got-nevermind.

Looks good, but I agree about the weathering/battle damage. Rust wouldn't look right, some scorches or scratches could look good, but anything heavier and I'd be wondering why the TAG was still operational. Wear spots might stand out and be odd, if the machine was rubbing against itself, wouldn't they have fixed that in the design phase? In the hyper-lethal battlefield of the future, I doubt there are going to be a whole lot of wounded, either your armor is going to stop the incoming hurt, or it isn't and you're in brown trouser land.