Thursday, March 20, 2014

Riptide #2: A bit more controlled this time

This is the second riptide I have done in the past 2 months. It's an addition to the original Farsight Enclave work I did for a local guy. These models will be headed to Adepticon along with Torchstar and a ton of drones to be added to the army in the next week. I won't be going this year as I've got to focus on my studies and job hunting before I can take any lavish gaming trips.

These photos are a bit of an experiment. I am leaning toward making a light box. Before I do that, I took these to test what it would be like photographing them in natural light in a different part of my apartment. Still not very good - but then again, I am just using the camera on my phone.

And then there is this background,  think it looks much better:

Oh and another thing, behold my protege! This little one is going to be the next Natalie Melnik.

Even has the mark of a pro! (see thumb)


Anonymous said...

From the angle, it took me a second to figure out what that was your daughter was painting. Was almost excited thinking that they had come out with chibi Tau models.

Stunning work on the Riptide, as per your usual.

Tael said...

Gorgeous work Tim, far cry from the first models you started out with - painting the challenging infinity models has really shattered your game and brought in a wholly new style. Just spot on work man :)

- Seb.

Dameon Green said...

Exceptionally crisp!

Tim said...

Thanks all, I'm glad you like him. Riptides are great kits - my next endeavor just might be an Imperial Knight.