Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MechaFront Lynx Pics

The MechaFront Lynx is done and ready to get shipped out. John S., I took your gentle nudges toward weathering to heart and I really feel like it came out well this time. Of course I need practice but so far pretty decent in my eyes. All done with a brush and weathering powders. What a fun miniature this was to paint. Going to get started on a whole force of these guys!


John Stiening said...

I love it! Gentle is best. I over weather like a...uhm...over-weatherer. :)

Greg Hess said...

Your paintjob really brings the mini to life. Well done!

Chuckles said...

I like that the chipping and wear was mostly concentrated in the feet and lower legs. If I wear piloting a big, badass robot like this, and I lived through more than one mission, I would take pride in keeping the paint clean and tidy. Regulations would probably require a high and tight paint job as well.

Of course, regulations wouldn't stop me from painting a pin-up on the side of both shoulders, like a World War Two bomber crew.