Monday, April 28, 2014

Quick Shot of a MechaFront NorAm Lynx Mech

I'm working on this mech for MechaFront, which just happens to be nearing its final few days of its Kickstarter Campaign.

This Mech was loads of fun to paint. In some ways, the MechaFront models take so well to airbrushing and line highlighting that they almost paint themselves. One thing that is really needed are some great decals to really make these guys shine. 

I also found that some controlled weathering and chipping really brought the model to life. 
Of course, I am biased as the unofficial and somewhat-slow-to-deliver painter. 
Here's to more MechaFront!
Time for me to get my whole NorAm army painted so I can actually get some games in.

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