Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Paulson Games' Mechafront Kickstarter

MechaFront is now a kickstarter! Jon Paulson is looking to accelerate his production of resin mecha models with a kickstarter. You can find it here:

I've painted MechaFront models and own a whole bunch. They are good quality models that take to airbrushing very well, meaning they are quick to paint. In chatting with Paulson years ago, he let me know his goal was to make a Mech-combat game with mechs as large as Warmachine warjacks. I thought the idea was a real winner. We all love big mechs, don't we? Now we get them without the gothic and/or steampunk influence! MechaFront is a solidly western mecha game, that means that the designs are similar to the old school battletech style and that they don't carry swords or other unnecessary flashy bits like wings and large helmets.


John Stiening said...

I was hoping you were painting these for game launch! You've now essentially painted box art right? That is really cool

Tim said...

I guess I did. and yeah its pretty cool. I have another fig I need to paint for them. A really cool mech thats a lot bigger than these guys.

Pr0Golf3r said...

Love those green tones on those mechs! Can't wait to see more.