Friday, May 30, 2014

Farsight Army Commission Work Comes to a Close

I finished a while ago (before Adepticon) but never showcased them here. They were the last items in a 6 month long commission for a client's Adepticon army. I wonder if any of you got to see it in person. I really enjoyed working on it and I impressed myself by keeping up momentum to get it done in time. Also some work on my new Dark Eldar army below...the end is still a long way off. Ah, 40k...

Not that anyone really cares, but I thought I should put it somewhere. I'm not currently accepting commissions.

Well that was a lot of drones. I invented a new way of mounting them for painted. Flying stands duct taped to a paint pot. 

The beginnings of Torchstar. I really liked this simple conversion. The flamers were simply flamer barrels added to Riptide plasma guns. 

The flag and head of Torchstar are available from Mad Robot resin kits. 


Ended up switching the head to a white color. Made it more noticeable. 

After painting all these drones, I really noticed how lazy GW was with their designs. The missile drones are simple missile pods stuck to the bottom of gun drones. Seriously?

My white Dark Eldar in a batch for painting. Still a long way to go on this chaps,. Having lots of fun painting them though. Kinda crazy thing about 40k...every time you want to try something new, you've gotta paint 40-some odd models...gets tiring. 

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Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim!

Beautiful work! These colors are so rich, that I keep coming back to your blog to look at the photos from time to time. It may be that these colors make me hungry. hehe

Seriously, the gradients from tone to tone have an organic quality to them. Sometimes Airbrushing can have a "too perfect," quality to them. Your work seems to also maintain that brush stroke organic feeling. Very enjoyable.

By the way, what colors did you use for the right arm on the crisis suit? The tan/creams. I have some Dark Angels and would like to use your pallet on their robes and terminators rather than the overly brown scheme that games workshop uses.