Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Progress on the Dark Eldar

I put about an hour's worth of time into these guys last night and I'm liking them more now. There is still something off, and I think I might try adding true metal gold to models. The shoulderpads, a few random armor plates...not sure. Using a different color on the shoulder pads has really drawn attention to the collars, a feature I really like. So many GW models have these huge shoulder pads and painting them dark makes them seem a little more reasonable.

One thing I do with a lot of my miniatures, especially any plastic multi-pose ones, is painting the heads separate. This time, I've superglued them to a bit of sprue and attached to an old paint pot for a mount. This way I can prime them together and paint them in detail before gluing them to the models. Perhaps getting the heads done will push me forward into liking the color scheme. 


Anonymous said...

That's a really nice white.

Greg Hess said...

These guys look great.

On the metallic...i'd base that color (copper/bronze/gold) based off the skin tones you're planning to use, and possible gun highlights/glowing colors.

Hard to know which would work best without the entire picture available.

I like your technique on the heads. I think I'll loot that for my next models :).

Tim said...

hi Greg, that's a neat pointer on the metallic. I generally don't do basecoats like that, preferring to get a solid basecoat of the main color, and then shade down in the recesses. But your general point is right...just I use another method.

The white is not actually white. I'll post a step-by-step at some point. Basically it is:
Basecoat of Vallejo Deck Tan.
Shade of Vallejo Dark Sea Green.
Highlight with Vallejo Ivory.

Greg Hess said...

Oh, I mean base, as in "pick". Basing your theory, etc.

Thanks for the tips on the white! I have such trouble with my templar shoulders, so it's always great to see how others approach it!