Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bleedin' Eyes Raider

I've been working on a raider for my slow growing army. The model was already assembled by the guy I bought it from, and it didn't include the crew so it was a good test piece. I must say, this model is a neat design, but its gotta be painted in sun-assemblies since its so 3-dimensional. 
I got the sigil painted on but its a little messy. The yellow circle is a little large too. Still, I like it! 

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Cobalt Cannon said...

The white ship-like skimmer, with the black sail and that Kabal insignia, really has a cool eerie look to it. Could you put together a photo of this with some infantry crewing it? It's nice to see it all coming together.

One more question for you Tim: Do the Dark Eldar use wraithbone to create their equipment also? Does that material rust? Now, to be clear, your weathering looks really cool, but thematically would carbon scoring and blood splatter be a kind of weathering that might look better on these? Dried blood, carbon streaks, maybe some bits of dried guts,.. Are you following my thinking here?

They do look great as is though! I'm just offering ideas to you.

Tim said...

I believe Dark Eldar get slaves to do their manufacturing using metals and materials they pilfer during raids. They don't have wraithbone tech, but use refined techniques to forge weapons in ways more familiar to humans. Steel is a likely material, since it is so useful and many races have knowledge of it and therefore its highly likely that their slaves can work with it. That's why I was OK with rust.

Carbon burns might be appropriate but I must say, I've never seen blood splatters done well. I don't really have a good method in mind for doing it. Do you? Would like to branch out some. But I'm a little nervous about trying blood splatters.