Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dark Eldar Progress Shots

Starting to feel the momentum build for these guys. Things have to go quick when you're building an army. I find that if I stall between squads, I lose it. Just like when I stall on a half-finished model. That said, I'm looking at finally painting my WHFB Chaos army. Who knows? Lots to paint. 

These are the latest of my batch of Kabalites. They were all given unhelmeted heads. I love the wild hair styles the Dark Eldar have. 

Separated at birth?

The shredder is a really cool looking gun...sadly completely ineffective. 

These girls love their expensive hair dyes.

Women in Dark Eldar society...evil but equal. 


davetaylor said...

Nice color match on Feyd's hair!

Cobalt Cannon said...

Is there any chance of making Phil Collins, or David Bowie your war lord?

Anonymous said...

Love those hairstyles and color choices.

I kinda wish we got some like that in Infinity. For being Cyberpunk, they're pretty tame when it comes to hairstyles - aside from the occasional super-long ponytail.