Friday, August 1, 2014

Dark Eldar Progress and Infinity 3rd Edition Changes

Hey all, I've been quite busy lately working on my Master's thesis and a squad of wyches for my Dark Eldar Kabal. This ladies and gentlemen have been painted in a similar scheme to the warriors - all the colors are the same - but the models have a lot less white surface areas and more black all over them. They are about half-way done, and I hope to finish them in a few more session over the weekend.
When constructing the squad, I just couldn't imagine any of the special wych weapons being worth the extra 10 points. I figured the only good upgrades for the unit are haywire grenades, a unit champion and the phantasm grenade launcher. Those wych weapons just seem expensive for what they do. However, I decided to save them and assemble them on some alternate wyches in my next batch. That way I'll have them if they ever become competitive again. You'll notice the unit champion has one though, this is because I just liked to look of it. Hopefully my opponents won't mind the divergence from WYSIWYG.  

If you didn't see it already, Corvus Belli is releasing a starter set for Infinity. While it's expensive. you'll get 14 metal models of the best quality I've ever seen around. The models are almost all re-makes of past miniatures and they have improved greatly. I plan on getting one of these sets for two reasons: 1) I want the models first and foremost and 2) the set actually gives you a decent set of playable terrain and a gaming mat that is 2' x 3' - perfect for gaming in my little apartment/flat. 

3rd is sure to be release sometime this September and should be available for download for free from their website. I couldn't be more excited about this. Of the few rules changes that I have read about, the game seems to be headed to be a tighter ruleset. 

Weapon ranges are changing. The most obvious changes are the range modifiers on the chart below (taken from Beasts of War's video). The first thing I noticed was the shotgun range categories - +6 to hit at 0-8 inches. That makes boarding shotguns a worthwhile choice and explains by the new Sun Tze carries one. The next big change is the -3 modifier to sniper rifles and HMGs firing at 0-8 inches. They now become more of a long range weapon choice and I can see them getting a lot less use on terrain-dense boards that you'll encounters at Victory Comics and NOVA Open. Personally I've always felt that their terrain was too dense and needed some more open space, but that's just my preference (I don't like it when there are hidey-holes on every inch of the board). 

The rules for Camouflaged troops has also changed so that they are more consistent with the rest of the core rules. In 2nd edition, camo troops enjoyed a ton of exceptions to core rules that really made some situations complicated to sort out. We'll see how this changes the utility of camo troops but for the most part, I think its for the better. 

Have any of you learned of any further rules changes? I'd love to hear about them. 

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