Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dark Eldar Wyches...Blurry Pics

So my phone really isn't cutting it anymore. I think I need to get serious about miniature photography. The matter is even more pressing because I've just discussed with the creator of MechaFront a deal to paint some of the new Mecha that he is producing. To help out I want to make a background so that we can get some good imagery out there. 

Here is a peak at what will be coming out soon from this game:

I painted some of these before and I chose an off-white color scheme with some black and yellow highlights...in other words, exactly like my Dark Eldar. This time around I want to make something more like you'd see in Mechwarrior. So this is what I am thinking of. Something militaristic, heavily weathered, not elegant but bulky and stompy. 


John Stiening said...

Any chance you could share your flesh tone recipe/technique. I really like what you have going on there, and would like to give it a shot.

I really like the cool armor in between the warm bases and the warm flesh tones.

Tim said...

Skin is always one of those things I am always trying new things with. Because these were a batch job I kept it rather simple. I used some OOP paints though so you'll have to find good equivalents from your collection.

On the warriors I started with a base coat of VMC basic skin tone. Then I used James Wappell's shaded base coat method with GW bestial brown, VMC basic skin tone and VMc ivory. I added a wash of Reikland fleshtone inn there somewhere.

For the wyches I decides that the shaded base coat method did not work for me so I used a pretty standard method. First I gave them a basic of old foundation paint Tallarn Flesh. Then I washed into in reikland fleshtone wash. Once this dried, I then highlighted up by added successive amounts of VMC basic skintone. When that was done, I added in some purple to tallarn flesh plus some basic skin tone and washed this color into the eye areas. Turned out neat.

The shaved head was painted with base coat of tallarn flesh plus a dark grey. Then highlighted by adding more tallarn flesh. This area was also covered in reikland flesh wash.

The warmness was really not intentional but it does totally work out. Got some jetbikes on my desk now....