Monday, August 18, 2014

Work in Progress: Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes

Here are some of my near complete Dark Eldar Jetbikes. For you on the blogosphere, they probably look 100% done because the spots that need to be finished aren't visible in these pictures - the underslung weapons need to be detailed, their faces need a little work, the pony tails needs some work and the skulls and tassles on the leader's bladevane aren't painted yet. 

Viewing your models in pictures actually gives you some good perspective. When I see these, I am wondering whether the battle-damage adds to the model or detracts from it. These models are detailed enough to have plenty of visual interest, which is what damage tends to add along with realism. However, I can see the red blood stains adding to the models so I think I'll keep those. As for the paint chipping and rust, I'm going to tone it down quite a bit on the rest of the my Reavers (I have 5 more boxes of these guys - excessive? yes.)

Once these blokes are done, I'm taking a break from Dark Eldar to paint some Infinity figs. I have about 10 Tohaa models that I want to paint in a single batch. I'm planning on bringing down my standards considerably on them and work on some speed-painting techniques. The plan is to use GW washes to paint the symbiont armor and doing some very general painting on the rest of the figs. I'm also going to stick to the studio paint-scheme to minimize the amount of time I spend making decisions on what colors to use. 


Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim! Heeey you added the blood streaks to these! Combined with the chipping and battle wear placement on these bikes, they really look like they've been ramming stuff. I was concerned that if you took my advice, and it didn't work out, that I would frustrate you into not trying it again.

I am curious as to how the blood got on the blade behind the pilots' heads. These guys must be doing barrel rolls into crowds of dudes or something to achieve that. hehehe.

Tim said...

O yeah, barrel rolls all day.

I got a little excessive with the blood, but I think it works. I am using Blood for the Blood God. Not in the same way as you suggested, and I still have some work to do before I get it right, but this is a good start. It really works well against the white. The trouble is the blade vanes are black in some places and you really can't see it...As I move forward I will refine it more!

Blood is good!

Greg Hess said...

I love the sense of speed you've created with the streaking. Scheme is working really well here!