Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tohaa Battlegroup - Still in progress but almost there

Here are my Tohaa - not completely done, but close enough to show you guys some more photos. I really like these models, though they are a tad too detailed. Some of the straps are really small and tough to paint. Mostly I've focussed on making the models look good from 18 inches+ away. 

I've go these models plus two Ectros (both variants), another Gao-Rael, and a Gao Tarsos primed and ready to paint. To be assembled - Chaksa Auxiliaries, Servants and a Tohaa doctor-engineer. My Neema model broke at the leg and I have been too lazy to contact Corvus Belli about it - I should get to that today.


Cobalt Cannon said...

What are the odds that the guys at Corvus Belli were looking at artichokes when they designed the heads of these guys?

el tau said...

as you have done the groundwork?

Miniature Tim said...

I'd say they look great at much closer than just 18 inches! Glad to see another Infinity player whose blogging about it as well!

Enigma Crysis said...

JSA is where it's at! Great looking models there.