Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This Ork wants to fight Ebola. He needs your help though (he's only a model).

In Western Africa, local people, doctors and nurses are fighting a war against an unseen enemy - Ebola. After watching Frontline's special on Ebola, it is clear resources are thin for stemming the tide.

Big congratulations to the NOVA Open Charity for raising over 20k for Doctors without Borders. Its really amazing to see that effort come off with such an impact. Who knows how many lives will be saved with those dollars? Surely it is a lot.

Since I was not able to participate in the effort this year, I've decided to do a little fundraising of my own. See this ork below:

This is a display model, but I think he'd make a great addition to an army as well. Nevermind that he has a square base.

He can be yours! Here how it works:

1) You contact me at timandlucka at gmailicus doticus comicus to discuss the offer.

2) You make a donation over 100 dollars to Doctors Without Borders through their website.

3) You show me proof of said donation via email (you can block out whatever information you want, but I need to see the amount, the date of donation and confirmation that it went to Doctors Without Borders. We can discuss how to do this ahead of time.

4) I pay for shipping and packaging and you receive the model for being a good human being. :)

5) You make note that ZERO dollars come to me or through me for this transaction.

If you are interested, contact me. There is only one of these guys so this will be first come first served.

I can provide more pics of the model if you'd like.

If this is a success, I will be doing this with more of my models.

Please share if you know someone who like orks. And hates ebola.

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