Friday, September 12, 2014

Sneak Peak: Tohaa and Street Graffiks

Here is just a quick sneak peak of some upcoming Tohaa of mine. I'm both hating and loving the process of painting these guys. They are so detailed that it's time-consuming to get everything looking right. On the other hand, they are beautiful models and the final products look pretty. 

There are two types of paints that have made these easier to paint: GW shade paints and GW's Lahmian medium. The shade paints make painting the symbiont armor much easier. I lay down a basecoat of white, then cover it in the yellow glaze. Once that is dried I lay down a coat of the orange glaze and then the red one. Then I go back and paint the rest of the model. Once I have completed most of it. I go back with a yellow+white mix and highlight the symbiont armor. It ends up looking pretty decent. 

Lahmian medium is amazing for mixing into paints to shade the armor plates. I've been shading my armor plates with Incubi Darkness. This makes the armor a lot colder than you'll find on the studio scheme. 

I should have these guys done by next week. When I do, I'll try to get some good photos done for you all. 

Next up, I got inspired by some local art to street-out some of my terrain. I hope to get some work like this on my terrain set for Infinity and maybe update some of it so that's more cohesive. This is just me getting out some colors and going to town. I bet my airbrush could really make this more realistic.

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