Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ectros Regiment

Still a WIP but I love shots like this.
Bases and guns to go.


Nafnaf said...

They are looking really good so far

Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim!

These guys are looking really good.
As I understand the Tohaa have some interesting mechanics. How do they play? have you tried them out yet, or seen someone else play them?

Tim said...

Hi Cobalt,

The Tohaa are slightly different than other factions in their equipment and ability to form 'fire teams.' Fire teams are available to lots of factions but usually are limited to one per army. Tohaa can field unlimited teams, but most players generally end up with three of them.

Their equipment, specifically, their armor is very different from other factions. It is includes an inner membrane suit (the yellow parts) that is actually composed of a community of unicellular organisms. This bioengineered armor actually affords the wearer greater protection, because it must be killed first. Once it is killed, the wearer is continues to fight, albeit with a lower armor value (like armor save). Its like if you shot a space marine and scored a wound on him, he wouldn't die, he'd just lose his armor save but wouldn't be removed as a casualty.

In some ways, these are the Eldar of the Infinity universe (fast, disciplined and mystical), just a lot tougher!

Yoshinto Yazamoto said...

Hi Tim, I have seen these and commented on them on the official Infinity forums. They look fantastic mate :)

Have you been playing some games of infinity lately? Did you pre order the N3 rules as yet?

Are you from the UK? Just wondering.

Cheers and keep up the awesome painting :)