Thursday, February 26, 2015

Israel Sanchez's Tau Army

It's been a while since I have seen a Tau army like this. The kind that kindles sparks of imagination all through your day. It's here and man, it makes me want to collect and paint an entirely new Tau army. Just look at these models:

Photo Credit: Greggle's Tabletop. Taken at the Las Vegas Open.

Just look at that.


You know what? I think I've seen that color scheme before. Oh yeah, I definitely have:

There it is. What's awesome is that he just added orange to really make it pop. 

Inspired stuff. 


Greg Hess said...

He also participated in the painting competition, and somehow only got a silver pin? (in the masters though).

He has such subtle freehand work on all the models. It was beautiful. So beautiful.

Cobalt Cannon said...

It's a neat army, however I think it looks overly air brushed, and the purple lighting doesn't work well with it, neither is it very believable as illumination. I think that you can overuse and air brush so that your subject begins to look chalky.

I am glad to see the Tau on your page again Tim! I want to add something for your enjoyment that will also spark your interest in tau again.

Check this guy's Tau out and his channel as tons of really cool battle reports with fantastic terrain. Hi scheme is simple but really looks great and it's all brush painted, and painted quickly.

Tim said...

That video's great, especially that guys mannerisms...But seriously -it's time for me to do a new army!