Monday, March 9, 2015

Crisis Suit Blanchitsu

A little commission work, a little Tau work.

I've been working on this unit on and off for a few years now. Main conversion work was done on the legs and arms. Just making them more dynamic and bulky. The arms are made from a combination of forge world battlesuits, grey knight terminator arms, and standard XV8 suit arms.

The backpack jets have been raised slightly, as have the shoulders. This adjusts the proportions slightly to make them more realistic.

The weapon arms are from Paulson games and represent plasma rifles. I'm trying to figure out how to get fusion blasters on these guys. The left arms are out of the question, as I want them to stay as they are. That leaves jetpack mounted fusion blasters...or adding them to the plasma rifles in some way.

The team lead has missiles on his jetpack mount, but that's just temporary. He/she also has forgeworld legs instead of custom-built ones.

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