Thursday, March 12, 2015

Heads or Tails

Ok no tails, but here I am...It's time to choose a head. 

We have the classic, off-the-sprue head here.

It's nothing special but it makes the model looks a lot more like the original models. Might kind of fool the viewer into thinking its not actually a conversion. 

Next we have a Tael pattern head. This is even more classic than the sprue version. It works a lot better in some ways...mainly because the hand and "face" are in proportion. 

Another possibility is a Paulson Games Crisis suit head. 
It's original and looks really nice. This is where I am leaning now...but it is a little, just slightly large looking. 

Which head would you use? 


TheGraveMind said...

Of those three, I like the Tael version.

That said, none of those three are to my liking. I like the forgeworld heads that are much sleeker in design, or the newer versions that come with the riptide/broadside.

Cobalt Cannon said...

Thanks for letting your viewers vote. That's cool!

There is nothing wrong with the original XV8 head, however I think that is the problem with choosing that one. This is a re-imagined XV8, not the original. SO I say No to the original head.

The Tael head was so well designed by Tael to mix with the rest of these modifications. I am so used to seeing them together that I expect it, because it looks good, but then it's a Tael Pattern XV8.

The Paulson head, I think is just too large. I think honestly that if you cut off the lower section with the jaw and chin-like parts, that what would be left, would be the winner.

I vote the Paulson head sans-chin and jaw.

NafNaf said...

The second is my favourite. The proportions just seem right. The first is just too catoony and the third, although cool, is still too large imo

Anonymous said...

Second head adds more height. The first makes it look a little blocky and flat.

Narric Techna said...

I'd go with the Tael design. the Paulson Games heads seem to work best on the Riptide in my personal opinion.

Strumwulf said...

I like the Tael pattern head.

Tim said...

Wow, that's pretty unanimous. Tael pattern it is!

Thanks for commenting.

Confuseded said...

Where do you get the Tael heads from? I cannot find them anywhere.

Tim said...

Confuseded, those are conversions that were invented by an ATT forum regular, Shas'el Tael. Basically a shaved down target lock is glued the front of a regular battlesuit helmet.