Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mecha Front NorAm Force and Paulson Games reopens

Here is just a WIP shot of my assembled NorAm Force for Mecha Front. I am going to be adding another two lights mecha--NorAm Raptors--with different weapons. I wanted at least two of the Alpha versions as this was the configuration that initially really liked.

My goal with these to paint them up this weekend, primarily with an airbrush and very little brushwork, so that I can get another force painted for games with my friends. Of course I have plans for a terrain too, and 15 mm infantry to use in games as cannon fodder and mission objectives.

For the bases and the terrain, we're going with a ruined urban setting.

Yes, I see those mold lines too and I will handle them before painting. ;)

The makers of Mecha Front have also re-opened Paulson Games at
This is where you can get a lot of really great mecha and battlesuit parts that make great Tau conversions and crisis suit conversions. Here are some of the crisis suit converting that I did in the past. There's also some that my buddy did, like that Riptide.

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