Monday, February 16, 2015

Mechafront Lynx

Had a lot of fun with these...the bases need something next. I might do grass, but I am not sure. We'll have to see.

The wife is going to do some more professional pics of these and then we'll get them out to the client.

And...I think I am overdoing white armor these days.


Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim!!!

I hadn't commented until now, but I have been keeping up with your posts.
Without exaggerating, my mouth dropped open when I saw those ogres. WOW!
Now seeing these Mechs from Mechafront, I had to leave a comment.

I don't think this white armor that you have been painting is an abused scheme at all. Look at Dwartists stuff on his blog ( This guy is addicted to the same greens and orange details. His stuff is really great but I am so sick of seeing green with orange.

So, I think you would repaint your tau army using a scheme based off of this one. Maybe use your old base colors as secondary in a new scheme in which this white armor is primary. This is just a thought. I'd love to see your tau again. Maybe paint a new broadside team or something.

Tim said...

Thanks! Yeah, there are some tau models on the work bench...soon. I guess I am just one a off-white armor kick. Looks really great and I see no reason why I can't go through this phase for a bit.