Monday, February 9, 2015

The Ogre Family

I did an Ogre Kingdoms army a couple years back and the original client ended up selling the models on ebay, and the new buyer wanted more! So he contacted me and it looks like I will be doing additions to this army for the next few months. This commission was turned around in 5 weeks and represents about 50 hours of work. Managed to squeeze a little more than minimum wage for that, haha!

I started with these little guys. Hard to imagine what an herbivore does with sharp teeth, but its warhammer so anything goes...I guess.
A work in progress shot. Thee models are very complex and need to be painted in pieces. Which is not so convenient but a great challenge.
The strangest thing about these models is...well it is hard to imagine how the ogre re-loads the thing. Maybe he only fires it once.
And the lady on the right is so wonderful. I pulled inspiration from my mother-in-law for her.
The first two maneaters are done.

And now they are four.

The finished battle line.
More shots of the ironblasters.
The firebelly! I didn't have much chance to get pics of him as I was devoted to meeting the deadline.

Parting with the family photo! Have fun with your new owner guys!

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