Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Every Armada Needs a Freaky Dancing Shaman

I really wanted to use the Skaven herding prod from the Warhammer Fantasy starter box. I felt it was appropriately post-apoc and seemed to be a useful weapon for striking enemies from the back of a speeding vehicle. 
I decided to cut the skaven feet and tail off, and I dug through my bits box for human legs. I found some bare foot Victoria Miniature penal legion legs. They were difficult to place right and when I was done. I looked at them and realized the guy looks like he is dancing. 
To reinforce this theme, I gave him a creepy head, a headdress and tilted it to the side. Now when I look at him, I can only see him dancing. 


Zzzzzz said...

Love 'im. And those warboys as well. Any idea when its going to see any paint ? It looks like you want to build everything and then paint it all in one sitting.

Tim said...

Yep, thats the direction I am heading. but there is a deadline. The NOVA Open. I need to devote the entirety of August to painting....it looks rather daunting but the event is set in stone.

Mad Mike said...

Oh yes, those cases where you take a single bit you like and the whole miniature just seems to unfold from there. Very lovely.