Sunday, November 30, 2008

Desktop Shot

This is an eldar fire prism tank. I've been painting it for my brother's Ulthwe Eldar army. I haven't had a lot of posts about Tau lately. That's because I've been side tracked by a lot of other projects, like this tank and my new Blood Angels army which I should have pictures of soon.

I'm taking Old Shatter Hands out for a spin this weekend, Dec. 6th to the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker. A couple of gaming friends of mine are heading up there for a full day of gaming. Can't wait.

I plan on taking out a 1750 take-all-comers list. My basic list is a hybrid static-mobile force. It's consists of 2 devilfish carried fire warriors around, 2 hammerheads, 2 squads of Crisis Suits (Deathrain and Fireknife), kroot and some broadsides. I'll try to get a short video of the amy and some basic tactics up afterwards.

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