Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's wrong with 40K?

There was an interesting post on the Bell of Lost Souls this week in response to some recent posts that received lots of negative comments. Goatboy has been posting a lot of lists that seem to really strike a nerve in a lot of readers. Their response was a set of points on how to have fun, and keep your opponent having fun. Here's my take: The only way to have fun is to focus on creating a fun light-hearted atmosphere.

1) Learn to enjoy losing the game. Everyone enjoys winning so that's a given. But learning to enjoy losing is a gift to both you and your opponent. It's easier to enjoy losing when you've done the next thing:

2) Paint your army. The spectacle of two fully painted armies facing off is a big part of my enjoyment of the game.

3) Say yes to your opponent rather than no. I'm not the best at this. In a recent game, I said no to my opponents request to call a WAAAGH out of sequence. Saying Yes is a rule I should have stuck by.

4) Create new scenarios.

5) Conduct yourself in a happy, courteous manner. Don't argue rules, look them up. If the book doesn't provide the answer, roll the dice. I just got this really big D6 that I am planning on using as "The Ref" whenever we have to roll for a rules answer. But the point is, let's not argue.

6) Taunt your opponent in a geeky way using quotes from your army's fluff. Tau players should be cursing the barbaric nature of Space Marines and the weak technolgy of the Imperial Guard. Some people hold a moment of silence when their army commander dies.

That's it, focus on making the game fun and light-hearted and all will be there better.


alex said...

Awesome blog you got here with some beautiful tau. I am the guy from BoLS who lives in the DC area. If you ever want to get together for a game (not creepin' I swear!), I am up for it. I tend to go to the springfield GW in Virginia. Email me if you wish at

Old Shatter Hands said...

Will you be at the GW Battle Bunker this weekend? I'll be hoping for a spot in the tournament this Saturday. I'll be fielding my Tau, as the Blood Angels aren't really finished yet.

alex said...

The GW battle bunker? Nah, I think that is too far away from me really (I have no car, I am but a lowly college Student!) Where do you live in relation to D.C.?