Friday, May 22, 2009


I absolutely love these models. I've a couple more packs of them for my next army, waiting to get assembled and painted. The only problem is, they are tough to enlist in the kind of army I can win games with.

There is are two good stealth builds that I have seen.

The first is the most viable in my opinion.
The Stealth Markerlight Squad.

Team Leader Stealth Shas-ui with Burst Cannon and Markerlight, Hard-Wired Drone Controller and 2 Marker Drones attached.
2X Stealth Shas-ui. 165 points.

This sits far back and marks targets for other units. A typical shooting phase will get you one markerlight hit. Seriously, all three markerlights are BS3 so you won't be hitting much, but even one markerlight can help another unit cause more damage. You could add a targeting array to the team, but it will cost a whopping 30 points, because you will have to give it to all three suits (codex rules pg. 35). So what's so great about this unit? Answer: 2 pieces of kit that pathfinders just don't have: Jetpacks and the stealth field generator. Jetpacks confer relentless, so you now have 3 BS3, moving and firing markerlights that your opponent will have to roll nightfight sight to shoot at. Much more survivable than pathfinders.

Second unit type:
The Torrent of Fire

6 Stealth Shas'uis. 180 points.

Max this unit out, watch your opponent wince as you roll 18 S5 shots at his units. It's best to outflank them or deepstrike them to take out isolated units (small devastator squads, eldar dark reapers, etc.). It's not the best unit you'll field but there is something to be said for dishing out that many shots. What about adding a targeting array to each model, Old Shatter? At 60 points, it's costly and I would rather spend the points on more guns. Get some markerlight support instead.

When it comes to throwing dice on the tabletop however, this unit is not an essential one but one that can be fun and useful for certain things. They won't shine in every battle like your crisis suits...still they look cool so throw them out there!


Sidestreaker said...

I'm personally going for Torrent of Fire and leaving the markerlights to the pathfinders. And yes, the opponent wince alright!

Great colored miniatures, btw!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks! I like stealths as you can paint them in a different scheme as the rest of the army because they're the special forces unit-- The lone wolves if you will.

Hedzer said...

It depends on your list, whether and which config you should use.

In full mech, SMT shines. Pathfinders will die in round 1 due to them being the only target for str 4 weapons.

In hybrid or gunline I'd be tempted to use the Torrent of Fire as well :)