Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Afternoon Eye Candy

Tau XV8 Shas'Vre Bodyguards. I finished these guys a couple months ago and never got a chance to take their photographs. Enjoy!


Sholto said...

Wow - not just cracking models, but good photography and great terrain! Impressive :)

Nick said...

Fantastic job on these! Was wondering as I look at Tau models and feel an draw to paint some of them even though I don't play them at all, they somehow appeal as being orderly and logical to paint (Not to be equated with easy to paint at all!) with the panels and angles of the suits. Just more methodical maybe? I might be crazy.

Pearlygates said...

They look amazing OSH!

especially on the Title boarder, you can get a really good look at the painting detail you've done.

I wanted to ask a question, do you have any Skyrays? If so why do you not field them? If not, would you consider getting one?

Old Shatter Hands said...

@Sholto, thanks man. We strive for quality at Tau of War.

@Nick, its funny you mention it but yes, there is a certain methodology towards painting Tau. The clean lines, right angles make it very methodical. Good army-painting comes from developing good method that produce results and the disciplined application of those methods.

@Pearly, thanks! Skyrays…no I don’t have any. I have the bits to make them but I’ve never fielded one. Pete did on Saturday in a small game and I really liked how it performed. They are definitely a worthwhile unit. I’m just not ready to paint yet another Tau skimmer….not yet at least.

NockerGeek said...

Another fantastic paint job, and some clever customization/conversion going on. I love the Forge World Crisis Suit heads, and I wish they were available in plastic, or at least separately from the FW kits.
Also, I do hope those assault marines don't miss their packs. :)

One question, though - what material are you using on the base of the right-hand suit for those long rock formations?

Old Shatter Hands said...

@NockerGeek, thnaks! Those are actually pieces of slate. Some are from the GW basing kit and the bigger longer one is one I actually collected from nature, along cliffs in Newport, RI. Actually, closer inspection of the base, revealed some little mistakes here and there on the paint job...gotta go back and fix them.

Pete W said...

Great work on these OSH and they look even better in person.

Here's hoping that GW take a few hints from forgeworld when they (hopefully) make a new crisis suit boxed set.

idget said...

Really goo job. Might I ask what paints you used?

Old Shatter Hands said...


Vallejo paints all the way.

Primary color is 3:2 Kakhi and Dark Sand.

Secondary Color is: Dark Green.

Turquoise eye lenses.

Mon-keigh Reaper said...

I think there was a rumor running around about a recut crisis suit. I know I hear Tau players curse at some of the mixed metal/plastic kits.