Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cityfight Terrain in Warhammer 40,000

Cities of Death is an expansion for Warhammer 40,000 that came out shortly after the most recent Tau Empire Codex in 2005 I believe. When it came out, my brother and I were overjoyed. After having played the original Cityfight expansion when it came out in the 90s, we couldn't believe our eyes at the beautiful plastic terrain kits of ruined buildings. My brother was so psyched he went out and bought the Imperial Sector kit. We glued them together and then mounted them on hardboard sections, flocked and painted them. 

We played some games and had a blast with the rules. His Eldar went up against my Tau Fire Warriors, dug in to positions inside ruin buildings until his Wraithlords broke down the door and broke up all the fun. Cityfight comes with its own missions; claiming and holding ruined buildings are pivotal to most of them. In some ways the mission were precursors to 5th Edition Missions and you'll see the similarities just by flipping through them. 

The new features of Warhammer 40,000 Fifth Edition only add to the fun of Cityfight. Now your troops can really make mad dashes across the streets with the run rule. Machine gun nests can now go to ground  for increased protection and the ruin building rules are clarified in the back of the 5th Edition BRB.

A couple months ago, I set out to make a storable gaming table for my apartment. I knew it could only be 4x4 due to space constrictions so I made it a cityfight table. I took to pieces of blue foam, taped them together with duct-tape so that they were hinged. That way I could fold the table in half for storage. I then cut up squares of cereal boxes, shoe boxes cardboard etc and glue them to the base for a sort of stone tile effect. I had to weigh them down as they glued to prevent warpage. I wanted to give it texture but flock would just rub off during storage. This method was much more durable. Then I bought some paint at Home Depot and painted it. There you go, my gaming table for Cities of Death.


Pearlygates said...

That's a neat little table OSH!

Are those the pics from your game you and Pete. W played the other day?

I read his Battle Report on his blog and said how I would have loved to see some pics of it!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks, I like it. One of the important things about building a table is making one that has a very satisfying sound when the dice are rolled.

and your wish is granted...I sent him the pics last night. They should be up on his blog today.

Sholto said...

I am a fan of what you did with the card stone tiles. I intend to copy it.

Your terrain looks excellent, and I particularly like the power station (or whatever) at the back. AT43 barricades, as well!

Funny you mention the sound of dice rolling. My table is 3 pieces of 2'x4' MDF. For Cities of Death I sprayed it a mix of black, white, rust and grey. But dice sound terrible on it, and bounce all over the place! I always put my grass mat down now. It might not look perfect under all the ruins, but rolling dice is a lot less irritating ;)

Pete W said...

These are some good pictures of the Table OSH. I love the Baal Predator hunched down behind the barricade. That's something I would think twice on before approaching.

I can attest to the great sound of the dice rolling on this table. They also don't bounce around too badly and end up all over the floor etc.

Pearly, the pictures of our game are up on my blog now.


Inquisitor M said...

that is a cool table that is. i really like the construction materials. i would not have thought to use cereal boxes and the like. really nice job