Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The XV9 Hazard Suit Bandwagon

These are the nice XV9 Hazard Suits now available to the Tau Empire through Forge World. Although I am a couple months late to be jumping on the XV9 bandwagon, I have to say I've been thinking these might be the ticket to freshening up my Cadre of three-finger warriors. I took this picture at a Warhammer 40,000 tournament I attended in mid-January. Unfortunately for him, my opponent was disallowed from using them, and took them as Crisis Suits with twin-linked burst cannons. Seeing them with my own eyes, really got me interested though and I am sorry my Blood Angels Armored Spearhead had to crush such beauty underfoot.

Checking out the Forge World online store, I couldn't believe the real life price tag on this unit here. But then checking out the experimental rules, I couldn't believe the game-terms price tag on those either. They're so cheap. 

This unit seems to have the armor and toughness to withstand lots of fire. On top of that, they're extra slippery with vectored engines, making them a perfect unit to draw the enemy around the board. It's important to note that they have new and improved hit and run rules, where they can automatically pass the initiative test by abandoning their drones, who are then destroyed.  I would definitely use them as a misdirection unit, ready to sell their lives dearly for the fate of the Greater Good. 

Their short range weapons really does make the name "hazard" fitting. They're going to be getting in harm's way a lot. Their points-cost is comparable to a full unit of Stealth Suits, but you get twin-linked Burst Cannons, higher toughness and a free bonding knife. Not bad. This kind of demonstrates that either this unit is undercosted or Stealth Suits are overcosted.

Sholto at Incunabulum wrote up a comprehensive and well-written post about the tactical applications of this unit here: linky! Definitely check that out if you're looking to dish out the cash for this unit. Sholto's insights are well-worth your time.  

I'm not sure I like the models though. So I think I am going to have get myself 3 more XV8s and dig out my Tau and Space Marine bits box to do this unit justice...but I still haven't finished that kroot riding a terradon I said I'd do so we'll see how long this takes. 

What about you readers? Do your friends/gaming club/tournament organizers allow you to field these guys? If so, how have you been using them? 

PS What's up with everyone so opposed to Forge World units like these?


Alexander said...

I don't think people are so much apposed, as they are unfamiliar.

People don't want to fight what they don't know.
As for the forge world models them selves, they are just fine and not broken in the least bit.

Sholto said...

Do you have Imperial Armour: Apocalypse 2? It has the new rules for the XV9, including the variante weapons systems. I will need to update my own post.

As regards Forgeworld models, you need to build up some trust with your opponent that you are not fielding them so you can wipe them off the table by Turn 2, and then collect their tears in a crystal bowl. Of course, on a power-to-points-cost ratio many FW models sinply don't compare against normal codex units, making any suggestion of powergaming laughable, but that is what a lot of people perceive, and you need to help them get past that if you want to get a game in.

HuronBH said...

Back in the beginning of FW the model rules for the non-codex stuff was really poorly written and some (usually) poorly play tested and over powered.

Things have gotten better but that stigmata still exists. Also not everyone owns all the FW rulebooks ( I know I don't) so some do not have all the rules and do not know what to expect from the FW models and how to counter them.

Pearlygates said...

Well i've already played several games with these guys and they are very reliable, even though i didn't throw them right into the heart of enemy lines.

I moved them alongside a squad of crisis suits and hammered out an average of 14shots with these guys!

They are a definate must for a tau army, and SHOULD be included in the next Tau codex!

Brian said...

I like the Hazard Suits, very interesting unit.

My local scene allows forge world for some events and not for others.

Forge world stuff can be a mixed bag. units like Hazard suits aren't bad, they're basically just another unit.

Some items can be somewhat game changing, like the FW dreadnaught drop pod, which allows the dread to assault the turn it lands. As a Tau player in particular, a dreadnought that gets an almost guaranteed first turn assault is a very dramatic change to the way the game is played.

Anonymous said...

Not playing someone who has a FW model is a bit of a cop-out. I don't own all of the codices: does that mean I should tell those players I don't want to play their armies since I don't know their rules? FW books are acessible, just expensive.

Tournament and event organizers can set their own rules, but for pickup gmaes and the like, FW rules are, for all intents and purposes, official rules.

Old Shatter Hands said...

I'm thinking of running a tournament with club allowing Forge World to be used on a case by case basis. I thinking that they should be pre-approved beforehand but should ultimately be allowed.

Xanadu said...

People at my local gaming club aren't opposed to FW stuff, but as we are all students it is the issue of cost of the rules and the models that are the problem! Some FW stuff is overpriced like the larger model kits ie Orca and Tiger Sharks, but I agree with you OSH that the XV9s seem to be good value.

I will however be waiting for the variants to be released before dropping £75 on a unit of 3.

Flekkzo said...

I am very pro FW models. They expand the game in a way GW is failing to do. I would prefer it if they updated all codexes within one year and then expand all armies with new units on a regular basis.

I also feel that FW is hurting themselves by making their rules so expensive. What is up with that? I'd love to get hold of the rules and if I did, maybe I would buy models as well. Now the rules are too expensive for a random buy.

@OSH What FW models are you thinking of disallowing? Not the Tau Manta I hope:)

Old Shatter Hands said...

@Flekkzo, I dunno. I might disallow a dreadnought droppod for example because FW made rules for them that contradict Codex:SM rules...stuff like that.

Flekkzo said...

Yeah. It does sound pretty evil and effective. The model is really nice though and I wish they had a plastic version of it. But since the codex has rules for it, it should trump the FW rules really. I think that's the way to go.

I so wish I had the rules. I want to know what the Eldar Nightwing can do:)

Mon-keigh Reaper said...

Adding the different types of unit is one reason why FW is normally disallowed. If you are not prepared for the possibility of facing super heavies of fliers your army might get routed.

I still like my FW bits, but normally they are just dreadnaughts, Wave Serpent bits. The titan and cobra are to lay the hurt in Apocalypse games only.

Some of the Ork tank/vehicle stuff does look really interesting.

Flekkzo said...

I would assume that Apocalypse units aren't allowed either way, only units that fit in a normal org chart. Some FW models even have in codex rules, like some of the Ork models.

More FW on the table equals better chances of plastic kits in the future!

Biggassmonkey said...

Some Forgeworld units fit into the normal force organisation chart though (the XV9's for example as a unit of up to 3 take up one Fast Attack slot in the FOC), and as a personal preference, as i typically play for fun and with friends, i'd allow those types of units in any game. If i were to run a tourney, i'd ensure that those wanting to use forgeworld units would have to bring a copy of the book containing the units rules(or a pdf if the rules have been updated, like R'Myr)

Superheavies and true Flyers are another matter though, in standard 40k there are no overarching rules to support those, but there are in apocalypse, which is where they are meant to be used.

Muskie said...

Any rules surface for the XV9 Commander and his mystery gun? The other commander Crisis Suit with shield has rules...