Friday, February 5, 2010

Fluff Friday: The Survivor of Fourth Squad Chapter 2

When I came to, I was alone.

My body weathered and contorted with pain as I awoke. I opened my eyes and there was darkness. I tried to move, to turn on my side but my body was heavy and sluggish. I was strained and my mind was dull. I relied on my training to come to. 

"Command, activate auxiliary power." There was a light whining noises in my armor as the computer systems within in booted up. Soon before my eyes, the interface came to light. The datafeeds began. 

Status report. Systems damaged. Power plant offline. Auxiliary power, 2.5 hours of sustain activity. Helmet systems damaged, audio and visual senses down. Armor compromised, left leg. Bio-damage, left leg."

"Command, establish comm-link with company mainframe"

Searching, trying to connect, attempt 1,2,3...4...5. Unable to establish comm-link. 

"Cancel request." I was alone. 

Warning, warning, lifeforms closing 5 meters. 

Damn! I could not see. The enemy approached. I needed to see. 

"Command, release helmet."

Instantly my helmet clicked as the armor locks release. Running on auxillary power I was able to lift my arms to remove my helmet. As it came off, my face was awash with the cool air. The smell of burning rubber filled my nose. It was night. Smoke clouded the sky and I could not see the stars from which our attack came. I lifted my body up and grabbed for my bolt pistol. It was undamaged and loaded. I murmured the Emperor's blessing and removed the safety. 

I scanned my surroundings. I lay among burning rubble of battle. Huge wrecks smoldered with smoke and bodies of my fallen brothers littered the rocky ground. Dim light from the burning debris fueled my enhanced eyesights. the enemy was all over. Tau warriors were collecting the bodies of fallen space marines and collected spoils from their bodies. I got to my knees and hunched over some debris, ready to attack. 

Three aliens approached, their attentions focused on the ground and debris before them. I took aim and whispered a silent praise to the Emperor. They would pay. If it cost me my life, I would fulfill one last task, one last kill for the Emperor. I had one chance. I aimed for the head of the alien and waited for my moment. My finger anticipated the action. 

An unseen force knocked me to the ground. Damn! I looked up to see what had struck me. Over me stood one of the Xenos forms. The armored creature was as taller than any Xenos I had seen and it was as bulky as Brother Hamied. It moved quickly, it's speed belying its bulk. Before my face, I stared into the barrel of large rifle. It radiated heat that I could feel on my cheeks. 

I mustered the will to speak. "I yield." I dropped my bolt pistol to the ground. A Space Marines does not serve his Emperor by foolishly tossing his life aside. I must survive. 


Pete W said...

Oooh sweet. I like that he's been captured now.


CJ said...

I sense an avatar plot comming on ;).

Nice story mate looking forward to the next chapter.

Cheers CJ

Bradimus Prime said...

Nice, I'm really enjoying this OSH keep it up mate.

Anonymous said...

Kudos! I haven't bothered to read a novel in perhaps 15 years but this is definitely something I want to keep reading...