Friday, May 15, 2015

Farsight Returns with some friends...

One of the things I love about commission painting is that I feel like I get to do big kunst handwork without having to find room for it in my apartment. Another thing I love about it is getting client feedback. This is a collection of some of my work, amended with some additional Crisis Battle Suits from another painter (white armor with red accents). Anyway, the dude sent these in.

Its kinda neat to see how two different projects unintentionally fit together. As you can see it turned out rather well.

The feedback that is really neat  though is to see how the dude then converted a model, post-painting! I love the result! 

You can see the originals here and here
A massive improvement in my mind. 

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Frenzy said...

Neat job with the commission work, the Knights are especially convincing. I like your subtle take to the weathering and the freehand work is sick. Keep it up!