Friday, August 28, 2015

Uncle Fester and His Crew

This is the first Post-Apoc Car I did after seeing Fury Road. Its not bad, but it isn't that good either, but I learned so much while making it. I've dubbed him, Uncle Fester on account of reminding me of the Adams Family.

I have been painting it in between stages of Ironstrider/Dragoon work. It took a while because of that, and is rather rushed. I kinda just wanted paint on him so I could use him in games as soon as possible. Its also nice to once and while drop your standard down way low and just have fun with the brush.

In the future I will probably not make my cars this silver color, its true to the film, but I don't think it translates that well in miniature.

A word...I both love and hate die cast. That is all.


NafNaf said...

Now thats cool :)

Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

Gonna submit anything for the Palette? Roman and Raffa join the judges this year, and you need not be present at awards.

Tim said...


Mike, I would but I'm driving to Cape Cod for a week on Saturday morning, so that probably won't work out. I'm probably going to be there Thursday though...considering a speed painting competition entry.